Administrative Director

Do you love early childhood and have business management skills? 


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

1.Children & Families – Provides a quality childcare program that contributes to the children’s optimum growth and development.

  • Maintain enrollment at or near capacity, including contacting those on waiting lists and advertising for openings
  • Oversees proper communication between the center and the families, including dissemination of information in a timely matter, as well as being available for conferences with parents
  • Work with families in the cases of children with special needs, notifying them of problems or potential issues, and working with them to find the best solution; only after thorough observation and behavioral documentation

2.Classrooms – Provides a facility that is attractive and stimulating to children, parents, and church members

·Assist Teachers with curriculum planning

  • Observe teachers working with children, on a regular basis
  • Oversee that all classroom spaces/centers are in compliance with state licensing regulations and exceed safety standards
  • Oversee that all classroom spaces/centers are age-appropriate and that they encourage learning and play.
  • Oversee that all classroom spaces are clean and sanitary
  • Approve (or disapprove) requests for classroom supplies – before supplies are purchased

3.Staff – Provides leadership for staff members as they work with the children

  • Maintain a full staff, hiring qualified staff members as necessary
  • Oversee that all personnel information is up-to-date, and making sure all teacher training and education requirements are being met or exceeded
  • Plans staff training to ensure that each person receives a minimum of 18 hours of training per year to meet state licensing requirements
  • Evaluate each staff member on an annual (anniversary) basis, approving pay increases when appropriate
  • Terminate ineffective, insubordinate, or abusive teachers or kitchen staff immediately   

4.Finances – Maintains and oversees fiscal accountability for the center

  • Give monthly account and budget reports to the childcare committee
  • Establishes tuition rates and fees with the help of the Childcare Committee
  • Prepares a budget, and works hard to maintain budget
  • Communicate to the committee any budget shortfalls or financial issues that need to be addressed
  • Oversee all financial aspects of the childcare center, maintaining a constant knowledge of account balances, money owed to the center and money owed by the center, including but not limited to:


  • Conduct bi-weekly payroll
  • Disburse proper taxes at appropriate times
  • Keep all records and paycheck stubs in neat order and in an accessible location
  • Enter all payroll information into check register

Tuition and other income

  • Oversee maintenance of ongoing tuition records
  • Consult with committee for action to be taken with seriously delinquent sponsors

            Bills and other expenses

  • Approve for payment, or dispute, all incoming bills.
  • Pay all bills in a timely manner
  • File all paid bills in an organized manner
  • Consult with committee if issues arise, concerning bills, that need committee attention, such as inability to pay, or dispute of responsibility


Food – Maintains excellent food service and ensures compliance with federal school lunch programs

  • Oversee menu planning, making sure each meal contains all necessary components
  • Oversee weekly or bi-weekly food purchasing
  • Oversee weekly the kitchen and ensure compliance with Fayette County Health Department regulations.  
  • Oversee that children are given the correct proportion sizes
  • Monitor food expenses, making sure they do not exceed budget
  • Oversee daily counts for Food Program
  • Oversee in filing monthly Food Program claims
  • Ensures maintenance of food service equipment

State Licensing – Maintains compliance with all licensing requirements

  • Keep up-to-date with all state licensing regulations and oversee/maintain that the center is in compliance with all regulations
  • Make necessary physical changes within the center, based on reports from state licensing
  • Maintain that all records with the state licensing office are current and correct

Committee/Church Relations – Acts as liaison between Central Baptist Church and CBCCC

  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with the church, understanding that the childcare center is a ministry of the church, and shares space with other church ministries.
  • Consult the childcare committee for new personnel issues, issues pertaining to financial health, policies and procedures, staffing issues, client/family issues, tuition increases, etc.
  • Encourage church members to participate in, and support, activities of the childcare center
  • Report enrollment numbers to the committee on a monthly basis
  • Report Profit & Loss Statements to the Church Treasurer on a monthly basis
  • Represent the Childcare ministry at the church at all official meetings including and not limited to staff meeting, Church Council, Business Meeting and congregational gatherings.
  • To lead the Childcare Committee meetings in all matters pertaining to the operation, administration and oversight of the Childcare ministry.
  • To be the principle interface between all committees in the church dealing with the Childcare including and not limited to Finance, Facilities Management, Personal and Church Council.
  • To be the primary person responsible for all facets of the Childcare organization including and not limited to fiscal management, scheduling, policy development and implementation, state regulations, hiring, termination and general oversight of the Childcare staff.
  • Other duties may be assigned by the Personnel Committee or Childcare Committee.


Requirements: Possess a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, 3 years of experience or more if degree is unrelated.  A Kentucky Directors Credential and 3 years or more experience in an administration role. 

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